Woman Seeks Sushma Swaraj Help Against Her Cheated NRI Husband



Even though woman are competing equally with men in every field and proving themselves; but still in the name of marriage women are being harassed even today.

During my childhood, every day I used to see several dowry harassment cases in news papers where women were brutally killed and physically harassed by husband and in-laws of the family in the name of dowry. With the rise of such death cases and after so many years of struggle, some stringent laws came.

But now the cases are different.

A 29-year-old woman was deserted by her NRI husband. Her in-laws also not helping her to fix the issue.

Chand Deep Kaur married Ramandeep Singh who was working as an accountant in Auckland, in July 2015. He went back to New Zealand and never returned.


"I tried calling my husband repeatedly, but he did not respond. I even tried to contact members of my in-laws' family but they also refused to respond, and blocked my number instead," she said.


"Soon after our wedding he returned to New Zealand, in August 2015," Ms Kaur said. "I stayed with him at his family's house in Jalandhar," she said. "He returned to India briefly in December 2015 and went back to New Zealand in January 2016," she said.


"I spent just 40-45 days with my husband," she said. She alleged that the behaviour of her in-laws changed after marriage. "They told me that they had disowned Ramandeep so I should move back with my parents," Ms Kaur claimed.

Even though, Ms Kaur filed a complaint against her husband in August 2016 and booked under charges of criminal breach of trust, among other sections of the Indian Penal Code. Now, she has sought help from External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj saying that she wants to set an example so that no other NRI husband dares to cheat his wife.


"I have sought (Sushma) Swaraj's help in getting my husband deported. He is in New Zealand," Ms Kaur said.


She also wants her husband's passport to be cancelled. "I want to set an example so that no other NRI husband can ever dare to cheat a woman. I also want stringent laws in place to check such men," she said.

Ms Kaur said she has received a call from the ministry to send relevant documents in connection with her case. "I want him back here for divorce so that I can start my life afresh," she said.

However, some people started appreciating her courage to stand against it where as some started negative tweets saying it’s fake.



Some people tweeted against to it.



Even today, especially in rural areas women are still harassed by men and in-laws but they are not aware of laws due to illiteracy and also couldn’t dare to voice due to family pressure.

If every woman is “properly” educated, they get self-confidence to defend themselves. Education should reach to every woman in rural areas.

On the other side, there are women who are taking advantage of such laws to escape. It is hard to judge in this manipulative world. But justice should be given to women who really suffer in the hands of men.

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