This Man Dressed As Coca Cola Bottle And The Reason Shocks You

Coca Cola bottleCoca Cola bottle


We hear different kinds of robbery stories. But this one is legend. This guy dresses as coca cola bottle to rob restaurant.


Weird, isn’t it?

This incident happened in Kentucky where a man dressed up in a Coca Cola bottle costume to rob a fast-food restaurant. It took place on Monday at 7 am and the Kentucky policemen are looking for him.


You could see in the video that man having handgun forced his way into the restaurant through the backdoor. He took away more than $500 from the restaurant. The restaurant was not open at that time and the manager was the only person present there. Fortunately, the manager wasn’t injured.


The Henderson County police released this 11 second video footage and it became viral. The eatery in Kentucky is offering $5,000 reward to anybody who has information on the thief.

However, dressing as Coca Cola bottle to do robbery is something very different that we can’t imagine.

Isn’t it? Share us in the comments. There is one man in China whose purpose is to save people from suicide, read his story here.

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