Man Devoted His Life Stopping People From Committing Suicide



Everyone has their own dreams and everyone has their own work. But will you accept that there is a man in China who has devoted his entire life stopping people from committing suicide?

Who is He ?

Yes A middle aged man named Chen Si has saved lives of many people, trying to attempt suicide at Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge. He is known as Suicide watchman. He has sacrificed a lot in his life to become the savior of people attempting suicide. He is always found with binoculars and moves to and fro of the bridge to save the people coming with the intention of suicide.

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True Lifeguard

Apart of facing problems in his own life, he has never let any person lose hope due to problems faced by them.

He has also rented two-room home near the bridge and brings the people there after saving them from suicide. He spends around 10,000 Yuan to pay the two-room rent annually.

Man Devoted Life


After bringing people to his rent room, he gets friendly with them and asks their reason for suicide attempt. According to him, many people attempt suicide due to being in debt, some had lost their savings in gambling, some were facing love failure and some had gone through business loss.

He has saved lives of 200 people by guarding the bridge. He lets them to stay in his two-room home as long as they wish to. He calls this home as “a station for your soul to rest in”.

A loss of close relative to suicide has made him to come up with this role. He is also learning psychology so that he could council the people mentally and bring life to their lost souls.


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