Books, Magazines And Newspaper Reading Could Help You Live Longer

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Are you fond of reading ? How many of you are aware that reading can increase your life ? You might be thinking, is it some kind of a joke or what ? Am I making you April Fool on the month of August ? SO the answer is, definitely not. Whatever I am writing is not a joke, instead its a reality. Yes, Reading books, magazines and newspapers could help you live longer. 


Lets find out How ?

All of us know the importance of a good workout to stay fit. The same thing is true with our brain. A study conducted in Stanford University proves that reading is the workout the brain needs in order to stay in its optimal health.



According to a new study published in the journal Social Science and Medicine, avid readers tend to live longer than those who pass on the written word altogether. After surveying 3,635 people aged 60 and up about their health, Yale University School of Public Health researchers discovered that the questions about reading habits provided some surprising results.

Researchers split the respondents into three groups. There were those who read a maximum of three and a half hours a week, those who read more, and those who didn’t bother to read at all. Separating other variables such as age, gender, education, and income, analysts were able to isolate reading as a factor that could increase one’s lifespan.

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A research conducted by Dr. Anne E. Cunningham, professor of psychology in the University of Berkeley in California, shows that readers are seen to have a greater general knowledge and are able to spot patterns a lot quicker. The more patterns you spot, the more developed your analytical skills become.


And as everyone knows, learning about different perspectives can expand your intellectual scope, making your lifetime not only feel broader but richer as well. So whether it’s a light beach read or a dissertation on quantum theory, pick it up and get to work. Your life might depend on it. 


So keep on reading and spread the importance of reading with your loved ones.


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