These 14 Irrational Ideas That India Has Adopted From The West

Irrational ideas adopted from westvia

Every country has its own culture and its own beliefs. With modernization, there is an exchange of several aspects across the globe. The exchanges are of beliefs, ideas, rituals, resources. All this takes place at a very rapid rate. Though ideas like mobile phones, pizzas, jeans have made some really good changes in our lives the case is not the same every time. In a country like India where people are easily fascinated by foreign countries, the adaptation of ideas becomes more fluent. Almost every practice of the foreign world has been adopted by India. Here we bring out to you the most irrational ideas that were adopted by the west.


1. Wearing Suits

Suit Hrithik Roshan

A majority of the western countries have low temperatures thus their surroundings are cold. So the main reason behind wearing the suits is to keep their body warm. Suits are not needed in a country like India where the temperature is much warmer.


2. Outfit On The Graduation Day

Graduation Dress

Wearing robes and a hat on graduation day is the practice of the western countries. The ceremony is known as the convocation ceremony. Throwing of the hats after pursuing a degree symbolizes their happiness.


3. Low-Waist Jeans

Actresses Low Waist Jeans

The majority of the youngsters are spotted wearing low waist jeans. The jeans cling well to the body and showcase the fancy and expensive inner-wear they are wearing. It is one of the most irrational practices that has been adopted. However, it doesn’t look good in the real sense because it exposes the innerwear way more than it should.


4. Bachelor Parties

Bachelor's Party

The party is considered as the last opportunity to have fun with your friends, before stepping into married life. Getting drunk, playing poker, and having fun with your friends for the last time as a single, is an entire idea behind the parties. However in India, there was no such event ever organized, the idea has traveled all the way from the west.


5. Sunday Is Holiday

Sunday off day

Western countries have Sunday as a day to perform mass, and other religious aspects after working for six consecutive days. In India, the practice does not make any sense but it has adopted the same for a long time.

Praneet Samaiya
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