These 14 Irrational Ideas That India Has Adopted From The West

Irrational ideas adopted from westvia

6. Valentine’s Day

valentine's day dinner

Every year 14th February is celebrated as Valentine’s day, it is a gesture of love towards the western god valentine. However, the countries started celebrating the day with their loved ones. Indian’s adopted the practice without any knowledge and started blindly following the other countries.


7. Sitting On A Chair While Eating

Celebs eating food

Sitting on the chair is not at all a healthy practice. Earlier Indian families used to have their food while sitting on the floor. But, unfortunately copying the culture of West India also adopted the table-chair system of having food. It may seem to be better organized but with the perspective of health, it is not a healthy practice.


8. Glass Building

Infosys Glass Building

Glass traps heat. Since the western countries have a low temperature, a building made up of glass can help in keeping their body warm. This was the principal reason behind glass buildings. But Indians adopted the idea without understanding the main reason behind it. The glass buildings may look brilliant, but they are not of much importance in a tropical country like India.


9. Use Of Fork And Spoon

Use Of Fork And Spoon

Indian food does not require the use of forks or spoons. Indian food can be enjoyed eating on our own hands. A majority of Indians consume food by their hand but this western culture is taking over silently. Some of the Indians have pulled this practice to dosas, dumplings, and even pizzas which is completely unnecessary.


10. Calling Money As Bucks And Not Rupee

Indian currency

‘Buck’ was only used for dollars and not for any other currency. However many Indians in order to show themselves modernized, style rupees as bucks, which is actually wrong.

Praneet Samaiya
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