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Romantic Date Ideas For That Perfect Valentines Day – Candle Light Dinner Is A Big No!


Valentines Day is fast approaching. Do you want to surprise your significant other and yet you have no clue whatsoever about how you are gonna do it? Fret not! these romantic date ideas are sure to get you that special surprise by the end of the day. Don’t worry, this list definitely doesn’t contain that cliche candlelight dinner idea.


1. Game Night

Game night date ideas

Go bowling, head out to a Go-Kart track or simply sign up for one hour of Paintball… choose a fun activity and enjoy behaving like eight-year-olds on a sugar rush on Valentine’s Day.


2. Paint Your Love!

Paint a picture of your loved one date idea

If you’re looking for a fun, cost-effective activity, try a BYOB painting class. When your painting is complete, sign your name and voilà—you’ve each made a gift for each other to remember your special day.


3. Stargazing

Stargazing date ideas

If you are lucky enough to live in a city where you can legit see stars without a layer of pollution in between, this is the best thing to do. Pack a bottle of wine and a quilt, play some music on your phone and enjoy. If you really want to show off, get the Google Sky Maps app.


4. Make A Heart-Themed Meal

Heart-themed meal date ideas

Though certain people may find this cheesy, I think it’s fun and tests your creativity. Whether you surprise your significant other with a Valentine’s Day lunch or dinner or cook as a couple, the creative possibilities are endless.


5. Get Cozy At Home

Cozy couples date ideas

Play video games in your pyjamas while enjoying your favorite take-out dish. This will build competition between the two of you, which will end in the loser making a homemade, or purchasing a dessert to share. End the night cuddling, watching a romantic movie.