Kanpur GST Commissioner, Along With 8 Others Was Arrested For Bribery

They Would Collect Bribe In A Systematic Way


Admittedly, there are many corrupt officials who are making the entire department hollow. It doesn’t matter what rank they hold, the thing that matter is that they are dragging the development backward. In India, the corruption can be seen from the higher ranks to the lower ranks but one thing for sure, there are also the officers who are trying to counter this. In a shocking case, the CBI has arrested a GST commissioner from Kanpur along with 8 others.

They Would Collect Regular Bribe


According to the sources, they used to collect regular bribe from the businessmen. In return for the bribe, they gave notice protection and the Tax relief. The bribery racket was in the process for a long period of time.


The GST Commissioner And 8 Others Arrested


The list of the arrested people includes Sansar Chand, a 1986-batch Indian Revenue Service officer, posted as Commissioner,  five private individuals one personal staff (Saurabh Pandey), two superintendents of the department (Ajay Shrivastav, R S Chandel) and the owner of the Shishu Soaps. They used to take the bribe in the form of cash and other expensive items like AC, refrigerator and expensive TVs. The items were then sent to the residence of the commissioner in Delhi.

Many Other Names In The FIR

GST Commissioner

There are also other names in the police FIR but they are not arrested yet. According to the FIR, “Source information has revealed that Sansar Chand was in the habit of taking periodic updates from his superintendents…receipt of illegal gratification from various parties,” CBI mentioned that the GST commissioner, Sansar Chand had planned the way of taking the bribe. He would do that systematically.

They were doing it systematically but they got caught. No matter how sharp the GST commissioner was but CBI was one step ahead. This case just proved that India has taken another step towards clearing the corruption off the society. We would like to salute the CBI. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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