Hotel In Tamil Nadu Charges Man For Using The Loo Rs. 10 With GST Added!


When someone needs to use the restroom when out in public, we tend to use malls or restaurants. Similarly, a man in Tamil Nadu, wanted to use the loo and had used it in a restaurant for which he was charged Rs. 10 with GST added, an amount of Rs. 11! Though the amount is not an issue, the reason for billing is stupid and inhumane!

Man Billed For Loo With GST

This man from Erode had shared this picture on Reddit, and as absurd as it sounds, there was also a parcel charge, GST and SGST applied on the subtotal!

According to Indian Sarais Act, 1867 any individual can ask for water free of charge from any hotel at any time for themselves and their pets. Furthermore, he or she can use the washroom for free, and no one can stop them.It is your right to demand water from any hotel at any time.

Though some users who commented on the thread supported the hotel and came into the hotel’s side and argued saying it’s right, it’s not! It’s just inhumane.

Restaurants are private property, yes. But they are not private in the way you are thinking. Just like you get free air at petrol pumps, you get to pee free at restaurants because they have obtained a license to operate there. You can legally walk into a five-star hotel and use their lobby toilet. They can’t refuse to let you in.

The government is already asking the hotel & restaurant owners to allow at least women and kids to use their toilets for free and few of them have obliged too.


There are so many cities in the country that have made it a law for restaurants to allow people to use their toilets free of cost. Really, cities like Bengaluru has all made it mandatory for restaurants to allow the use of washrooms to the public. Surprising and shameful, isn’t it? Read about this teacher from TN who sold her jewellery to afford her students’ education!

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