Tamil Nadu Teacher Sold Her Own Jewellery To Provide Facilities To Her Class Children

Tamil Nadu TeacherTamil Nadu Teacher



After reading this, you will feel that there are so many living “Sarvepalli Radha Krishnans”. The students of this government school are so blessed to have a teacher like Annapurna Mohan.

It’s an open fact that in so many government schools there won’t be any facilities. And, it’s not always easy to get funds from government even though people elected them and gave the power.

This Tamil Nadu teacher didn’t wait for any help from the government and she thought completely differently where no other teacher takes this decision.

She sold off her own jewellery to provide facilities to her class children.



Yes, you read it right. Annapurna Mohan, a Class 3 English teacher at a school in Tamil Nadu’s Villupuram town has given her classroom an international look by providing comfortable furniture, an interactive smart board and a pile of English books which is not possible under the Panchayat Union Primary School (PUPS) in the state.


Besides providing high-tech facilities, she also makes sure that her students speak fluent English which is not possible in Panchayat school.


“I tried to create a good environment for English in my classroom. I conversed with my students in English from the beginning of the class till the end. In the beginning, some of them didn’t understand it, but in time, they began to respond,” she said.


She made short skits for each lesson to teach to the students more efficiently. She later uploaded her students’ performances on Face book that got much support and praises. And, many teachers across the world started helping her.


“I uploaded a video of a skit on my Facebook, and a teacher saw that and sent a money order of Rs 10 for the student in the video. That student was excited upon getting the money order. And then that student started doing well after being appreciated,” she added.



“I decided to do it by myself because I did not want to burden anyone. Doing it myself also helped to get it done more efficiently, as I did not have to rely on anyone else,” explains Annapurna.


It seems the teacher in “Taare Zameen par” movie came into this real world. The effort she is making to provide quality education to par with the urban schools is really amazing and awesome.

The teachers like you are very rare madam. You are truly an inspiration to several teachers.

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