This Firefighter Catching Baby Thrown From Burning Building Is Something To See




It needs a great alertness and tremendous courage to work as a firefighter. I should say, it’s a very challenging job. After watching this footage, you too will feel the same.

The building in Dekalb County, Georgia caught on fire and the flames quickly filled up to the second floor apartment. All of a sudden, everyone heard a man screaming. The man was so desperate to save his child and he was hanging out the window with the baby in his arms.

It’s a heart stopping moment. Luckily, the firefighter Robert Sutton was there for the rescue. He asked the father to drop the baby and caught the infant. The man was also safely rescued from the building.



"He was a little guy, so when I heard his father yelling 'Help', and saw him hanging out the window with the baby in his arms, I just went into action. I just did what any of the other firefighters out here would have done. I grew up in this community and it's just an honor to be able to help people here and work with the great guys I work with. We do this together and I'm just happy and blessed to be able to help that father and his baby. It's our job," said firefighter Robert Sutton. 

However, firefighter Robert Sutton refused to take credit and said it was possible because of his training.

"I just hope that this helps people understand the hard work and training that go into being a firefighter," said Tom Burrell, Captain at the Dekalb County Fire Department.


Watch the moment here

Larry Carter, a plumber who was working in the area when the fire broke out, caught this moment on camera.


"All of a sudden you heard a man screaming. When I heard there was a baby, my heart started fluttering…one guy just caught it like a football pass. It was something to see," said Mr Carter describing the incident.

Robert sir, you are the real hero!! Kudos to you! It gives everyone faith in mankind.

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