Seven Best Ferrari Models In The World On Its 70th Anniversary

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Ferrari !!! It’s everyone’s dream car. It’s sleek design; amazing speed makes anyone fall in love with it. Super car everyone wants to drive, wants to see, wants to take selfie. The luxury brand came on the streets of Maranello with its first model 125 S on March 12, 1947. Ferrari celebrates its 70th birthday which grabbed the best place in the automotive world.

On its 70th Anniversary, let us take a look back at seven decades of Ferrari with some its best cars ever came.


1. The Legend – Ferrari 125 S

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Without Ferrari 125 S, the list will be incomplete. It’s the first ever Ferrari car that world met. It was the first road car Ferrari rolled out on the streets of Maranello. Although, it was not a finished product, it was a prominent moment in history as it was the first Ferrari for the road. Inspired by the Ferrari 125 S, it was re-designed.

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2. The Greatest Ever Car Of The Decade

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The Ferrari 250 GTO is the second car in the Ferrari line up. It had been considered the finest sports racer that Ferrari had ever produced. It has an all-time record selling price of $38,115,000.


3. The Race Car- Ferrari F40

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No doubt, it wins everybody’s heart even today. This model car came between 1987 and 1992. It was the last new-car presentation attended by Enzo Ferrari before his death in 1988. When it launched in 1987 it cost nearly Rs 1.70 crore.


4. The Rocking Super Car- Enzo Ferrari

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This super car development came in 2002. It is one of the top sports cars of the decade and most powerful naturally aspirated production cars in the world. It comes for $2, 700, 000.


5. The Ruler- LaFerrari


It’s one of the greatest Ferraris of all-time. It’s amazingly super fast that for standing ¼-mile, it takes 9.8 sec @ 150 mph. Its current price in India is ₹ 700,00,000.


6. The Ironical- Ferrari 430 Scuderia


Ferrari 430 Scuderia is the most selling car model in India. Its current price is ₹27,500,000.


7. The Killer-Ferrari J50


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Ferrari unveiled the J50 in December 2016. Its killer looks make you fall in love with the design instantly. Its price is $3, 000, 000.

Some more Ferrari Cars which are amazingly beautiful.

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Are you aware about these models ? If not, find out and let us know in the comment below smiley

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