Pheasant Island, The Island Which Switch Countries, Six Months In Spain And Six Months In France

The Treaty Of The Pyrenees Was Signed On The Island

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We have heard many stories about the mutual sharing. France and Spain have taken the sharing thing way too far. They are sharing an island. The island is counted inside the boundary of Spain for six months and for the other six months, the island is given to France. It is the Pheasant Island which is located in the middle of Bidasoa River that separates France and Spain.

Rare To See This Kind Of Relationship Between Countries

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It is rare to see this much friendly relationship between two countries. The reason behind this mutual sharing of Pheasant Island is somewhat amazing.

Historical As Well As Peaceful Values

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The island holds the historical as well as peaceful values. Both of the countries signed the peace treaty on this island. The treaty is known as Treaty of the Pyrenees. It was the climax to a series of 24 conferences held between Luis de Haro, a Grandee of Spain and Cardinal Mazarin, Chief Minister of France, in 1659 following the end of the Thirty Years’ War.

It Requires Little Maintenance

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The former in charge of administration, Commander Rafael Preito said “People are very respectful, no one tries to trespass, even though sometimes the tide is so low you can almost walk across to it. We typically enter every five days to carry out routine maintenance.”

Pheasant Island Is Shrinking

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The island is 200 meters long and 40 meters wide, this encompasses the area of 6820 square kilometers. It also has been used for royal meetings. And, it was opened for public heritage only on few occasions. However, due to the stream, the island is losing its area.

What do you say about this peaceful agreement called Pheasant Island between Spain and France? Isn’t it an example for the other countries? Share your thoughts on this.

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