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Why Does Every Expecting Mother Need A Maternity Insurance?

Maternity Insurance

Every expecting mother deserves the best health care in the crucial stage of her life. Moreover, health care in India, including maternity care, have become expensive. So, to manage the hospital bills, every family should do proper financial planning, and it entails one vital aspect – that of investing in a health insurance plan. Many health insurers, nowadays, offer health insurance plans with maternity cover as an add-on cover. There are also dedicated maternity insurance plans, such as Joy by Care Health Insurance, which is an ideal health cover for those planning for parenthood.


Importance Of Maternity Insurance Plans

Maternity Insurance

Maternity care is indeed getting costlier in India. The delivery expenses in mostly private hospitals range between Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 Lakh; the costs involved for delivery through C-section is even higher. Besides, there are other expenses involved; those are related to pre and post-natal care involving health check-ups, diagnostic tests, and follow-up visits to the doctor that one should take into account. They add up to a substantial amount, and a family would require financial support that these health insurance plans offer. In fact, every couple should reconsider their monthly budget to manage the increased expenses easily after the baby’s arrival.

Here is where a maternity insurance plan comes in; they provide coverage for a wide range of medical expenses. Some of the important benefits of these plans are listed below:

  • Hospitalization cover including room rent charges
  • Cover for ambulance cost
  • Medical expenses cover for 30 days prior to hospitalization
  • Cover for post-hospitalization costs for up to 60 days
  • Daycare treatment cover
  • Newborn baby cover up to 90 days

Besides, the feature of cashless hospitalization at a network hospital makes things easy for all parents-to-be. One also gets the tax benefits that a health insurance policy provides under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. All these benefits show that opting for a maternity cover is one of the financial responsibilities to fulfill before parenthood.


Things To Remember When Buying Maternity Insurance

Maternity Insurance

One should make an informed decision by doing proper research. Given below are some things to remember when selecting a maternity cover:

  • Read the fine print: One should read the policy documents to know about exclusions, sub-limits, and co-payment, and also the waiting period clause.
  • Check the network hospitals: Go through the list of network hospitals to know if you have easy access to cashless hospitalization.
  • Know the premium: Get an estimate of the health insurance premium using an online health insurance premium calculator.
  • Other benefits: Also, check if the policy offers benefits, such as no claim bonus



Pregnancy involves a lot of focus on health, whether it is diet, exercises, or getting the right supplements for a healthy baby and safe motherhood. More importantly, it also involves preparing for increased medical expenses. Therefore, one should not delay getting a maternity insurance cover since there is a waiting period. It will ensure you remain stress-free and enjoy the maternity phase without any financial worries.

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