Interesting Facts On Indian Elections Which Will Make You Understand The Importance Of Vote

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Organizing elections is a herculean task. This is very typical in some parts of India. The ruling party and opposition party creates a lot much nuisance till oath-taking ceremony is completed. Recently Andhra Pradesh has witnessed a ming blowing voting record that till early morning 3:00 AM people utilized their vote right.

It is known to entire India that Andhra Pradesh was divided into two parts and Telangana was made a new state. To vote in Andhra, nearly 10 lakh people came to Andhra Pradesh facing lot much difficulty in transportation.

We know that election season is in full swing. In some parts of India, voters utilized the opportunity whereas some are still waiting for their turn.

It is estimated that Elections 2019 is going to be bigger than in the previous years. It is really a tough job for Election Commission officer to tackle every circumstance provided the person is honest and sincere in his duty. We would like to bring out some interesting facts about the Indian elections.


1. NOTA Polled 1.1% Of The Votes In 2014 Which Is Over 6 Million



2. A Polling Booth Is Set Up Only For One Person


Yes. A polling booth is set up especially for Mahant Bharatdas Darshandas who is the only voter of Banej in Gir. Now you can understand how inclusive India’s democracy is.


3. 900 Million People Are Eligible To Vote


And the surprising fact is this number is very close to the population of Europe and Brazil, combined!


4. The Vote Power Of Transgender

Indian Elections

There were around 814.5 Million eligible voters in 2014 and out of these 28,314 identified as Transgender.


5. Nearly 84.3 Million Indians Are Casting Their Votes For The First Time In Lok Sabha Polls 2019



6. High Security

Indian Elections

At the last election, nearly five million Government officials and Security Forces were deployed. Even more surprising is, they traveled by road, train, helicopter, boat, and also, by foot and when all options were exhausted, they even used elephants.

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