Interesting Facts On Indian Elections Which Will Make You Understand The Importance Of Vote

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7. Not Just One But 12 EVMS To Be Used At Every Single Polling Booth


A total of 185 candidates are competing, for the first time ever, 12 EVMs will be used at every single polling booth, in the Nizamabad District of Telangana.


8. EVMS With Candidate Photographs And Their Party Symbol


For the first time at the national level, EVMs and Postal Ballot papers will have the photographs of all the candidates along with their party names and symbols printed.


9. EVMs Were Introduced As A Trail Method


In 1982, Electronic Voting Machines were first introduced as a trial method but over the years, it has become an integral part of Indian elections.


10. Lok Sabha Elections Which Were Held In 1952 Cost Around Rs 104.5 Million


Surprisingly, this number got increased that in 2014, general elections cost Rs 38.7 Billion.


11. You Can Vote Even Though You Don’t Have A Voter ID


You can use any of the 12 approved identity cards to cast your vote as long as your name appears in the voters’ list.


12. India Expects Over 15 Million First-Time Voters In The 18-19 Year Age Group This Year


Supporting any Government is a very tough job. Think who has provided security. Because understand from this point of view that India is a bus and the entire population is the passenger of it. The Prime Minister is a driver of that bus. What do you expect from the driver? Safety security or facilities? I am sure we will be looking for safety first. So, think this before giving a vote at this Indian Elections. Don’t get yourself diverted in the fake promises of few parties that we will give 72000 per year. Believe in the Government who is providing safety and security. Vote For Better India. Vote For Your Security. Jai Hind.

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