Border Between Each Countries On This List Are The Most Heavily Guarded In The World


6. China/North Korea

China and North Korea Border

With everything you know about North Korea, it shouldn’t surprise you to know they don’t have friends on any of their borders. Unlike the South-Korean border, the security at their Chinese border is limited, making it a popular exit for North Koreans fleeing the country. Despite the fact the two countries are officially allies and trade partners, this influx of immigrants has to lead to numerous territorial debates over where the border should lie.


7. Yemen/Saudi Arabia

Yemen and Saudi border

For over 65 years, the 1,800-kilometer border between Saudi Arabia and Yemen was an area of sporadic violence between the two warring nations. In 2000 however, things seemed to be improving, as the countries reached a border treaty.


8. Nigeria/Chad

Nigeria/Chad border

Nigeria and Chad’s relations have been strained in the past, with most border conflicts arising over bids for oil, but in general, these two countries have a considerably stronger relationship than most entries on this list. What makes their border so dangerous is the insurgency of Boko Haram, one of the deadliest terror groups in the world.


9. Colombia/Ecuador

Colombia/Ecuador border

After Columbia’s 44 years Civil War, military forces began in 2008 to overpower the rebel group The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. But in doing so, many of the group’s forces have made camps in Ecuador along the San Miguel River.


10. Pakistan/Afghanistan

Pakistan/Afghanistan border

Established by British Diplomat Sir Mortimer Durand in 1896, the ‘Durand Line’, which separates Pakistan and Afghanistan was intended to fix diplomatic relations between the two countries. This was ultimately a failed attempt, with Afghanistan only once having officially recognized the border and every leader since having refuted it.

So these are the world’s most dangerous borders. They certainly to live up to their name. The only way to solve these issues is if the countries decide to put in proper and equal laws which will allow both the countries to live in peace, but that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon. Recently a North Korean soldier crossed the border and fled to the south but he was shot. There are various countries with hidden borders and you might not be aware of. Check them out.