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These Ways Will Tell You The Difference Between Loving Someone And Being In Love

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Love is undoubtedly one of the most complex processes in the world. There are a lot of ambiguous definitions of love. However, they do not please everyone, there are always some people contrasting those definitions. Similarly, the definition of being in love is imprecise.

There is a disparity between being in love and loving someone. No doubt, both of the terms sound same but they are different. So today we have brought you major differences between loving someone and being in love.


Inevitable Impulse

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When you love someone, you are living with the person because he/she makes you feel good. To conclude, you have a good time with that person that is why you are hanging around with him/her. While being in love, your intention is not having a good time, it is the person that you care for and no matter, how boring the hangout is, you will definitely find interest in that.


Think About The Future

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If you think that you do not care about the future then no doubt, you love that person just because all the things are going great. But when you are in love with someone you will be more practical and will have the thoughts about the future.


Cannot Force Yourself For Being In Love

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Now you may think that no matter what happens, I will never disappoint that person and will never stop loving him/her. Well, it is clearly a forced love, you find that person in the possession of good physical traits and you can force yourself to love that person. However, your relationship will end up like a social game. You cannot force yourself for being in love.


Emotional Stakes Are Higher

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When you love someone, you do not want to hurt that person because you do not want to look like a jerk to his/her eyes. However, the emotional stakes are much higher if you are being in love.

To conclude, we can say that love can be learned and forced. On the other hand being in love cannot be learned but can be felt. Do you agree with me? Share your thoughts below. Check out for these tricks if you think your partner is cheating on you.


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