8 Famous Celebrities You Won’t Believe Are Total Jerks In Real Life




Observing the glamour they have earned in real life, we declare someone as our favorite, no matter how nasty they are in their real lives. There is a big list of celebrities who are a total contrast to what they are in real life to what they are in reel life. The celebrities that seem very polite and nice on-screen may not be the same behind the ‘role-camera-action’ world. Here, we bring you a list of such celebrities who are jerks in real life.


Kanye West


The renowned hip-hop rapper, who believes that music is a god’s gift to him, is not a very polite person in behavior. Everyone remembers the time when drunken Kanye stepped up on the MTV video award show stage and interrupted 19 YO Taylor Swift. Kanye said aloud on the mic that the only deserving candidate for this award is Beyoncé. He was tormented in the media for the next few days for his deed.


Justin Bieber


Bieber’s fandom saw heights in 2009 when all girls across the globe were a die-hard fan of this teenage pop sensation. By the time he turned 18, he was questioned upon many things including an affair with an older woman, relationship drama with his girlfriend at that time Selena Gomez and conflicts with his neighbors. He ended up paying for the damages he caused.


Ariana Grande


The cupcake of Hollywood who seems to be very sweet and gentle to her fans is not the same in reality. The insiders once revealed that she wants her fans to die.


Jennifer Aniston


The sweet ‘Rachel’ from the popular TV show Friends is not at all sweet in real life. During an interview, she got really angry on something and threw a chair at the director.


Jennifer Lawrence


The fans of Jennifer Lawrence admire her for her funny attitude and casualty. But once, she turned all red and angry when one of the interviews was continuously looking into her phone. Later, he justified that he was only going through all the questions.


Julia Roberts


Known as one of the hottest divas of Hollywood, Julia is accused of torturing her sister Nancy Motes. Nancy was suffering from depression at that time. Julia also yelled at one of her co-stars during the shooting of Money Monster.


Adam Levine


Adam is one of the most immoral man in Hollywood. He once mentioned that he could join a Yoga class just to see a woman there. Also, he is very rude to his fans. “I don’t give autographs to ugly chicks” he once blurted to a fan.


Jared Leto


The Joker from the move Suicide Squad, Jared Leto also owns a band called as 30 Seconds to Mars. One of his fans shared an incident where while signing T-shirts, Jared said to him, “I signed your shit, now f*** off”.

No matter how much stardom the gain, they will always be judged by the kind of person they are!

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