South Korean President Warns Donald Trump For Raising War Against North Korea

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The South Korean President Moon Jae-In is not pleased by the statements made by President Trump about North Korea. The South Korean President warns the US President against striking North Korea.


A Consequential Matter

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The war of words between the North Korea and America is turning out to be a serious threat to everyone; the war does not seem to end well. The cold war can turn into hot war at any time and neither of the sides is backing down. A couple of days ago Donald Trump stated that the American military is locked and loaded. Moreover, he cleared that he will destroy North Korea if any harm they cause to any American territory.


President Moon’s Warning

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The South Korean president strikes back with words and stated “No one should be allowed to decide on a military action on the Korean Peninsula without South Korean agreement”. Mr. Moon continued ”The Americans had always been an ally who would prevent, not start, war on the Korean Peninsula,”. President Moon also stated that what the use of the world politics or world alliances is?  If the US president can talk trash and can raise a war anytime he wants.


South Korea Protesting Against Trump

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No doubt, the war will directly affect South Korea. Many South Korean people were not worried about it as we have presented their statements. You can check it here. However, there are a lot of people who are solemnly looking into the matter. The alarmed people are protesting against it. Apart from it, the newspaper are packed to the gills with the news of the possible war.


Target Of Media

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The US president is the main target of the media there. Last week Kim Young-Hie an eminent columnist wrote “It is shameless for someone to openly say that he does not care if Korea is destroyed and that hundreds of thousands of Koreans might die in military action aimed at defending the U.S. mainland,”

Clearly, the things are getting worse day by day. No doubt, if it does not end soon then the weapons will be used instead of words. What is your thought about it? Share it below.


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