Donald Trump Vs Kim Jong Un, Who Is More Dangerous According To South Koreans

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The war of words between America and North Korea has been heated up. The North Korean leader has prepared missile to launch on the US territory Guam. On the other side, President Donald Trump has stated that the US military is locked and loaded and North Korea will regret any attack on US territory.


Who Is More Dangerous

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Donald Trump surprised everyone by winning the US presidential elections. Moreover, a huge number of people stated that the new president will act like a dictator. Furthermore, many compared him to the North Korean dictator Kim Jong. Likewise Kim Jong, Donald Trump is also considered a threat to the world democracy. Hence, the question arises that, who is more dangerous and possess bigger threat to other countries.


A Matter Of Big Concern In Asia

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The dispute between the two countries is now a matter of big concern among the Asian states. No doubt, if the war happens it will directly affect the Asian countries. However, South Korean people have a different opinion about it; they are not worried about this.


What South Koreans Have To Say?

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Hong Ji Eun 28 An Assistant Marketing Manager said, “North Korea has been threatening us every day, but we know from experience that the so-called potential threats didn't really cause anything,” she said. “I believe it's really similar to asking a Japanese person, ‘How could you live with all the potential earthquakes?’”


Threat Made Them Insensitive


A PHD student from Korea Advance Institute of Science and Technology Bae Sung-Huyn 28 said he is insensitive to these kinds of threats as Kim Jong is tossing threats over them day after day and he became habitual of living with threats. He continued

“Trump is warning North Korea of possible retaliatory actions for North Korea’s threats and attacks. The president does have a lot of authority; however, he cannot perform such a big issue on his own. It worries me that Kim Jong Un's actions have been somehow much more impulsive than his father, Kim Jong Il.”

We all know that war causes harm from both sides. However, the statements of the South Koreans prove that the North Korean leader is more dangerous as he has already killed their emotions. What do you have to say about it? Share it below.


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