11 High Budget Movies Of Bollywood, That Suffered Huge Loss On Box Office

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Bollywood gives many global hit each year. However there are many high budget movies that come up short on box office. So, today we have brought you 11 of the high budget movies that turn out to be super flop.


1. Drona

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Abhishek Bachchan starrer, the fantasy adventure movie of 2008, Drona was one of the super flop movies of all times. The movie budget was 60 crore and it had to suffer a loss of 51 crore.


2. Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag

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Released in 2007, the movie was turn out to be an epic fail and had to suffer the loss of 15 crore. Moreover, the movie is considered as a subject of torturing.


3. Raju Chacha

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The action comedy film was released in late 2000. The movie cost a whooping amount of 30 Cr and failed at box office by earning only 15 Cr. The movie gave a loss of 15 Cr.


4. Raavan

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Released in 2010, the epic adventure movie failed to please the audience and it has to suffer 50% loss.


5. Shaandaar

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Made in 75 Cr, the romantic comedy movie was released in 2015. Apart from the name of the movie, there was nothing “Shaandaar” in it. To conclude the movie has to suffer a loss of 15 Cr.


6. Bombay Velvet

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It was one of the most anticipated movie of 2015 but it was turn out to be nothing more than a disappointment. Made in 120 Cr the movie faced the loss of 98 Cr.


7. Saawariya


Released in 2007 the movie had to compete with SRK’s “Om Shanti Om”. And the competition caused the movie a 40 Cr loss.


8. Love Story 2050

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Released in 2008, the movie was somehow different from other Bollywood movies. Furthermore, it was a new experiment to display the science, future and romance in Bollywood. However, the new experiment ended up being a 60 Cr loss.


9. Blue

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It is another anticipated movie that came up short on box office. Released in 2009 the action- adventure film was made with a budget of 129 Cr. However, the failure caused it a loss of 55 Cr.


10. Besharam

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The Ranbir Kapoor starrer movie was made with a budget of 85 Cr and it had to suffer a loss of 50 Cr.


11. Kites


The romantic Bollywood movie was released in 2010 with a budget of 82 Cr and eventually suffered one of the biggest losses in Bollywood. According to sources, the movie brought a loss of 150 cr to the makers and distributors.

No doubt, the list of high budget flop movies are surprising to us. Didn’t it? Tell is the comment box which movie surprised you most.

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