This Is How Celebrities Looked Like Before They Became Famous!

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These celebrities looked so innocent while they were growing. They did so much in their life to make the world aware of who they are! No one gets to that position of being a celebrity just like that. See how your favorite celebrity looked in their adolescence!

We all at one point we are inspired by celebrities, let it be their amazing acting or their simple and humble lifestyle. Famous personalities aren’t just limited to actors but business and entrepreneurs as well. Their way of living and life stories have inspired many. Have a look at how these celebrities looked before becoming famous.


1. Brad Pitt

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Recognize that boy in the front center of this basketball team? That’s 14-year-old Brad Pitt back in 1977 as a member of the Cherokee Rejects. Pitt himself came up with the team name, and his dad was the coach.


2. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson


Can you smell what The Rock is cooking? Before he was a professional wrestler and movie star, Dwayne Johnson was a normal 15-year-old kid. This picture was taken in his room in 1987.


3. Robert Downey Jr. & Mike Tyson


In the 1980s, Robert Downey Jr. was just starting to make a name for himself, as was Mike Tyson. Tyson was a friend of Downey Jr.’s father.


4. Robin Williams


Before he was a well-known comedian, Williams was a senior at Redwood High School in Larkspur, California. This photo was taken in 1969.


5. Christian Bale


Is this not the most ’80s picture you’ve ever seen? It’s a young Christian Bale playing on an Amstrad computer in 1984.