Interesting Things About Finland You Probably Don’t know About

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If you say happiness is more than just a state of mind, then I beg to differ. The place where we live in and the people we are surrounded with also has a greater impact on our happiness.

The citizens of the world’s happiest countries have the greater personal freedom to make life choices, have a strong support network, and have a relatively long healthy life expectancy.

24/7 Wall St. reviewed “The World Happiness Report 2018” produced by the UN-initiative Sustainable Development Solutions Network to identify the happiest countries in the world. Researchers used a range of survey data from the 2015-2017 Gallup World Poll to rank happiness levels in 156 countries.

This year, Finland known as the Land of the Midnight Sun takes the lead position that has 5.5 million people.

According to the report, residents who say they have the freedom to make life’s choices are 94.7%. Residents who say they have social support are 95.6%. Residents who believe corruption is widespread in their government are 22.1% and healthy life expectancy at birth is 71.5 years.

Famous for its weather and lifestyle, the country is very cold. So, if you want to enchant summer vacation, you can go to Finland.


Some Interesting Facts About Finland


1. It Has An Island Where Only Women Can Roam


Sorry, guys! Men are not allowed on the Finnish SuperShe Island. The retreat has been created as a women-only sanctuary “free of sexual tension” where women can relax and bond.

The 8.4 hectare island contains four luxury cabins for 10 women only. It includes spa amenities and Finnish saunas, as well as having yoga, meditation and fitness classes on site.


2. Lappland, The Coldest Place In Finland


It is the coldest place in Finland. The best time to visit the place is between March and June. You can see colorful light (polar light) which is visible for 200 nights a year, whose sight is worth seeing.


3. It has 2 Lakh Lakes


There are many small lakes, which are about 2 lakhs where you can enjoy boating. You will find most of the lakes in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, which is also called bluussi. Because of many lakes, this city was named as Blue City.


4. Crime And Corruption Are Very low



5. Finnish Computer Game Developer Rovio Entertainment Created Angry Birds

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