Interesting Things About Finland You Probably Don’t know About

Happiest Country Finlandvia

6. Linux, Open-Source Operating System Was Created By Finnish Software Engineer Linus Torvalds



7. Finland Is Famous For “Connecting People” With Nokia Mobile Phones


You won’t find a single payphone within the territory of Finland.


8. You Can Sleep, Swim, Sail, Fish Anywhere You Like


Finland has some of the world’s best “Freedom to Roam” opportunities. You can pitch a tent and catch zanders in the lakes for free and without worry.


9. Finland Is The First Country To Invent The First Internet Browser


Erwise was the world’s first Internet Browser with a User Interface (UX) launched in 1994 by three technology students. It received appraisal from World Wide Web creator, Sir Tim Bernors-Lee. The graduates failed to find the necessary funding to continue developing the project and it became a thing of Internet legend.


10. Finland Is Also Called The Land Of Midnight Sun


Visit the north of the country during the months of June and July. You will be amazed of the climate that the sun shines all day and all night in the north and never drops below the horizon.

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