Interesting Things About Finland You Probably Don’t know About

Happiest Country Finlandvia

11. 9 Out Of 10 Plastic Bottles Are Returned For Recycling And Almost 100% Of Glass Bottles Are Also Recycled



12. Finland Offers The World’s Best Education!


It has the highest level of academic achievements of all surveyed countries for reading, mathematics and sciences.


13. The More You Earn, The More You Will Be Fined For Speeding In Finland!


I really feel this particular point should be implemented in India. But yeah, people in India will be ready to raise violence in the name of religion. Well, that’s not the case in Finland. The cost of traffic and speed violations is calculated by the offending driver’s annual income.


14. Children Do Not Go To School Until They Are 7



15. It Has An Annual Day For Failure Every October 13th


The ceremony celebrates bad news and ill-fortune as a way of learning for the future. Better luck next time, losers!

There are still many interesting facts but we found these facts unique and super amusing. Which fact did you like the most? Share us in the comments. Wanna know about the countries that sell everyday items at cheap prices? Then read this.

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