Hamas Surprise Attack On Israel: Over 5000 Rockets Were Fired; Death Toll Over 200

Hamas Attack On Israelvia

More than 5,000 rockets were fired at Israel by Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, setting off air raid sirens all around the nation. Many innocent people were killed in the attack. Israel declared that the war is on. This further increased the probability of a more intense battle. Continue reading to learn more.


Attack On Israel

On a tense Saturday morning, terrorists from the Gaza Strip fired a salvo of rockets toward Israel, setting off air raid sirens around the country. There are worries that the rocket launch may make the already fragile region even more unstable.

Shouting sirens could be heard as far north as Tel Aviv, around 70 kilometers (40 miles) from Gaza, during the early-morning bombardment. Gaza was able to hear the sounds of rockets being shot.

Israel didn’t respond straight after, but history demonstrates that it regularly launches airstrikes in response to missile fire, which might exacerbate the situation.

These rocket assaults come after weeks of escalating hostilities between Israel and Gaza, which were preceded by bloody rioting in Israel’s occupied West Bank.


Widespread Impact And Casualties

The official X handle of Israel shared a video and wrote,

Israel is at war.

Earlier this morning armed Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israeli communities and started going house to house and murdering innocent Israelis.

Some of the images are so disturbing we cannot even share them.

We will take every measure to protect our citizens and target those who harm them.

The rocket attacks caused Red Alert warning sirens to sound in several towns and cities. These include Tel Aviv, Sde Boker, Arad, and Dimona, all of which are more than 70 kilometers from the Gaza Strip. The seriousness of the situation was highlighted by the sounds of explosions heard by locals in several locations.

The medical agency, Magen David Adom, responded immediately when reports of rocket attacks were received in several locations, including Yavne, Ashkelon, and Kfar Aviv.

According to a tragic MDA report, a 20-year-old man was slightly hurt by missile shrapnel near Yavne. This further highlights the real hazards these strikes pose.


Attackers Launch Rocket Barrages On Israel

Israel Under Attack

CNN reports that one person was killed and at least three people were hurt due to rockets fired from Gaza at Israel early on Saturday morning.

The Times of Israel reports that Palestinian assailants in the Gaza Strip launched a volley of rockets at southern and central Israel earlier today.

Israel Under Attack Hamas

After the strike, red alert warning sirens went off in Tel Aviv. It is around 70 kilometers from the Gaza Strip. Also, it was heard in the southern Israeli towns of Sde Boker, Arad, and Dimona. According to Israel’s Magen David Adom rescue agency, a rocket that struck a building in southern Israel killed many. The death toll is over 200 and may increase.

US President Joe Biden called Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He emphasized that the US stands alongside Israel. Biden also assured that the USA fully supports Israel’s right to self-defense.

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