A Guy Received A Fraud Call From Scammers; He Taught Him The Best Lesson; Listen Recording Till The End

Fraud Calls Scammers

How will you feel, when someone cheats on you? Every day we struggle to make money and what if someone does fraud with you and take your money? Obviously, you will be annoyed and hurt of losing your valuable money at the same time. But, World is not full of good people, there are some scammers and fraud too.

On one side I feel bad that our people are so innocent that get trapped in these scammers and on the other side I feel rage that scammers don’t even feel that someone might be struggling to make money for his family. But why our innocent people get trapped? The reason is they sometimes become greedy, such companies lure you with offers that sound too good to be true.


Scam Alert


On 30th May 2018, a guy name Praneet got the call from a number +919911307416. A person from other end started saying that this call is from Credit Card department. While talking to that person, Praneet understood that he is trying to fool him. So he decided to do the sting operation of him to get more details from where he called.

He started saying that your credit card got five benefits. Firstly, you will get a new Money Saving VIP Discount Card in which you will get up to 30% discount. Suppose the bill is Rs 1000 in that case you need to pay only Rs 700. You will get promo codes and get discounts for an entire year. My friends, this Sounds good, but never get fooled by it. No bank will provide your cards from other companies.


The second benefit was told that you will get wrist watch from United Colors Of Benetton (UCB) with one year warranty. Third, he told about the Holiday vouchers. I will be able to travel anywhere in India for 3 days 2 nights with a family of 4 two times a year. Fourth, Even your food bills will be reimbursed if you eat outside a total of Rs 3000. Just you need to send a copy of food bill through an email. Wow what an amazing offer, this is what you might be thinking. Never get trapped, I repeat, NEVER.


Scam Exposed

Fraud call

Then he transferred the call to his senior, the name was Tushar Sharma. He told that you don’t need to tell your credit card number as you should not share details was trying every single effort to convince you by talking like that. But this is what they are expert in and this is where you need to be aware. He told that you need to pay online through payment gateway of ICICI Easy pay, as sharing the details of the credit card is not safe. From their, you need to select Institution name as Genesis Programme Consultancy PVT Ltd. Then you will get OTP.


Why ICICI Why?

Here I have a question from ICICI. Why ICICI why? Why you provide services to frauds. Google is full of complaints about this company. Still, you are providing them your gateway. Have you not done the verifications?

Praneet kept on talking to him just to find the name of the company from which he is calling.  After getting the name of the company, Praneet gave him the best reply. You must listen till the end when he exposed them.


WARNING: Headphones Recommended

But those morons were such shameless that they did not even care. They keep on arguing and don’t even give a damn. They think that we can’t do anything. Obviously, they might be having more numbers to call. But we got the name of the company for you to be aware.

After googling about the company, we found links full of frauds and scammers. So many innocent people lost their money. So many of them got trapped, you can check the reviews of people in consumer complaint board website. These guys think they are too smart, don’t go with the positive reviews on those websites. These morons only gave those reviews to cheat you.

We gave him the taste of his own medicine in his own language. But, are we real culprit or them? Even if we are in two mindsets to go or not go, but still because of our greediness we go for it and pay the price. Don’t get trapped on such calls.

At last, we want to say only one thing, “Nothing Is Free In Life, You Always Need To Pay The Price In Some Way Or The Other. ” Also read another story of fraud, this time they were saying they are calling from SBI. What this guy did was remarkable.

What do you think, what Praneet did was good? Share with all your friends, family and well-wishers and make them aware of this kind of frauds. If you have faced any such incidents before, please share your experience in the comments below. Any story you want to share with us, please write to us at [email protected].