Make Way For Whatsapp’s New Indian Rival – Patanjali’s Kimbho App

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First of all, as a subtle response to the popular messaging app “Whatsapp”, used by millions of Indians every day, Patanjali decided to counter and release their own Swadeshi messaging platform! As a result, “Kimbho” is the new made-in-India messaging app released by yoga guru Ramdev’s Patanjali. Consequently, This came after their release of the Swadeshi Samridddhi sim cards.


Now Bharat Will Speak

“Now Bharat will speak. After launching sim cards, Ramdev has launched a new messaging application called Kimbho. There is new competition for Whatsapp in the play store. Our own #SwadeshiMessagingplatform. Download it directly from Google Play store.” Said Patanjali’s spokesperson SK Tijarawala. In addition to that, He further explained the meaning behind the word “Kimbho”. It means ‘How are you? What’s new?’. Furthermore, The Kimbho app’s features include direct messaging, groups, broadcast messaging and furthermore, it allows you to follow celebrities and doodle too. In conclusion, It is described as a real-time messaging app. The description for the app in the Google Play store reads: “Kimbho empowers private group chats with free phone and video calling. In addition, It has dozens of amazing features to share text audio, photos, videos, stickers, quickies, location, GIF, Doodle and more”.


How People Reacted

Yet, a lot of people have already started taking a dig at it. This guy who claims to be a ‘French Security Researcher’  on Twitter is literally destroying the app.

In addition, A lot of people pointed out the fact that a Pakistani actress was used as a model while presenting the app.


Swadeshi Samriddhi SIM Cards

Most of all, after the release of the Swadeshi Samriddhi Sim cards; a tie-up between Patanjali Ayurved and BSNL, customers with the same were given discounts of 10% on their products. Read more about it here.


Extending Empire

Finally, After massive success with their home-grown herbal products, The Patanjali Ayurved empire extended its reaches to personal care products, cosmetics, and food. Furthermore, With over 5000 retail outlets across India, the Patanjali has also begun its own private security services that offer recruits army-like training. In conclusion, Patanjali is making a lot of moves and extending its branches over different sectors of business. In addition to the food industry, they are now extending to the Tech and communication sectors too. Therefore, we can expect a lot more to come from Patanjali and Baba Ramdev, so let’s wait and watch for what awaits! Furthermore, What do you think about the Kimbho app? Let us know in the comments.

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