Patanjali SIM Cards Are Launched And Twitter Has Showered It With Sarcasm

The Tweets Are Extremely Hilarious

Patanjali Sim Cards Launchedvia

For the last few years, Patanjali has become a popular brand. From beauty products to the edible stuff, the brand makes all kinds of stuff. Now it has taken a decisive step as it has launched the Patanjali SIM Cards. With the collaboration with BSNL, Patanjali named the SIM cards as Swadeshi Samriddhi SIM cards.


Patanjali SIM Cards Launched

Patanjali Sim Cards Launched

According to the sources, the Patanjali SIM cards will have unlimited calling plans and 2 GB data. Furthermore, To activate the plan, the user has to recharge with Rs 144. Moreover, the validity of the Swadeshi Smriddhi SIM will be one month. The SIM is available for the Patanjali employees and it will be launched for the public in the upcoming months.


Sarcastic Tweets

In conclusion, this is a moment of triumph for Patanjali but Twitter has some sarcasm stored for this one. Since Patanjali is famous for its nature-friendly approach, the Twitterati took a dig at it. Furthermore, one of the Twitterati wrote,“Meanwhile Sudhir Chaudhary-, “Patanjali SIM card is totally made up of herbal elements which rules out any possibility of radiation while using it. It can also be located 250 mts. below the ground even in switched off condition and can be traced just by doing Bhramari Aasan”.


Took A Dig At The Nature-Friendly Approach Of Patanjali

In addition to that, a user took a dig at Patanjali and tweeted, “Ad of #PatanjaliSim be like:- It has the quality of honey, which purifies your voice as #SweetSelfie to ur face. It has high internet speed because it has the virtue of neem leaf which protects it from slow down.@yogrishiramdev @Ach_Balkrishna @BSNLCorporate”.


Hilarious Reaction Of Twitter

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Undoubtedly, Patanjali SIM cards are never achievement for the brand but for the Twitterati, it is just a new topic to toss their sarcasm. What do you think? Share in the comments. Also, check this hilarious incident where a Gram Panchayat Election candidate invited Virat Kohli for election campaign but brought just a doppelganger.

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