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This Is How A Good Mattress Can Reduce Lower Back Pain


A significant number of medical studies indicate lower back pain as the leading cause of disability around the world. The circumstances that urge such a condition may vary from a lousy body posture, stress, lifting weights, to an unhealthy lifestyle, sitting too much behind the desk or uncomfortable sleeping.

Good mattress

I had my share of pain, and I didn’t understand why it seemed to aggravate, although I slept at least eight hours night after night. Finally, after doing some research, I realized that my mattress was at fault. Sleep experts warn about the effects generated by an unsupportive bed which will impact our spine, mainly the thoracic region.

Good mattress

I grasped that the right bedding can make a substantial difference when it comes to battling obnoxious lower back pain. Granted that your mattress is too old or too worn out, it will affect your sleeping posture and therefore your spine. In case that the bed is too firm or too soft, your body won’t be able to maintain a proper position during sleep, and the result will be chronic back pain. Also, if your mattress is of poor quality, the outcome will be the same.

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Good mattress

So you need a high-quality bed with unique features to support your spine, sustain a correct body position night after night and relieve pressure points mainly on your shoulders and hips. Although it is impossible to indicate one single product to help everyone, there are a few simple guidelines anyone can follow when trying to find the right mattress for reducing lower back pain.


Quality Mattress That Can Help:

Good mattress

  • Experts consider memory foam to be the best choice for people suffering from back pain. All quality mattresses constructed from this material (which was invented for NASA’s pilots in the ‘60s) provide suitable support and have an extended lifespan. Their main advantage is that they keep the spine well-aligned. Also, even firm, they feel soft enough to grant comfort for any sleeper.
  • When it comes to stiffness and durability, it’s best to choose a medium firm high-quality mattress sold with a warranty of at least ten years.
  • I know there are many models on the market, so to identify the one that suits you best you should read detailed reviews of all products. Don’t panic: there is plenty of unbiased online analysis which shows you the upsides and downsides of the most acclaimed labels on the market or the newest products. I usually visit to get my information.
  • One essential feature any quality mattress for lower back pain should have is the proper distribution of body weight. Why is that important? The answer is because it helps your spine to remain straight during the entire night.

Good mattress

If you consider all those when shopping for a new mattress, you will surely find the one to help you reduce or even totally neutralize your lower back pain. Nevertheless, I have two final suggestions:

  • Most new premium models are designed to fight back pain for you. Take the ones featuring the Celliant technology, for instance: it has been scientifically proven that they improve circulation and alleviate muscle pain. Also, by preventing the overheating of the bed, they help the recovery process of joints and muscles.
  • If your pain moves from one spot to another, the best choice for you could be an adjustable bed that includes the base and the mattress. Its most significant advantage is that you can elevate, lean, lift, or lower various parts of the bed so that you can find the most comfortable position for your body (depending on where your pain is located at a specific moment).

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