Gram Panchayat Elections Candidate Invited Virat Kohli In Rally, But Something Hilarious Happened

The People Could See That There Was Something Strange About Virat Kohli In Rally

Fake Virat Kohli In Gram Panchyat Electionvia

Losing an election can make a serious and undesirable impact on the life of a politician. Hence, the politicians try all the possible ways to allure the voters. They never step back from pulling off a publicity stunt. In the election days, the candidates can be seen distributing accessories, delivering progressive speeches and doing other attractive kinds of stuff. We have seen it a lot that the celebrities are invited to the election rallies but what if they bring a doppelganger on the name of a celeb. A similar thing happened in the Gram Panchayat elections in Maharashtra.


Virat Kohli In Gram Panchayat Elections Rally

Fake Virat Kohli In Gram Panchyat Election

The candidate tried to lure the voters and stated that Virat Kohli would be the special guest in the rally. A large crowd gathered just to get a glance of Virat Kohli. However, everyone was surprised as Virat Kohli was looking quite different than they used to see on TV.


They Came Up With A Doppelganger

Fake Virat Kohli In Gram Panchyat Election

It was not Virat Kohli but a man who shares some physical resemblance with the cricketer. We have seen this kind of publicity stunt in Bollywood movies but it was extremely hilarious to see it in reality. The incident triggered the Twitterati and they put their humor in the use and came up with some of the memes on the situation.


Twitter Showered The Humor

A Twitterati called him “Gareebon Ka Virat Kohli”. Moreover, another Twitterati wrote, “So this actually happened. They put up an election rally ad saying Virat Kohli is going to campaign for us and they actually fooled public by bringing a lookalike of Virat Kohli”.

Admittedly, it is hard to book Virat Kohli for election rallies but bringing a doppelganger turned the whole event in a joke. And this joke is extremely hilarious. What do you say? Tell us in the comments.

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