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Dear Future Wife, I Miss You! Before We Get Together, I Want You To Know These Things

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13. Your Family + My Family = Our Family

Husband and wife with their family

I will love your family as much as I love my own and I will care for them like their own son. Goes unsaid, I would expect the same from you. Forever because you are my Wife! We both will take care of each other’s parents like our own and there will be no misunderstandings or hard feelings between us.


14. You Have Been And You Will Be Free To Wear Whichever Clothes You Feel Comfortable In

Ranveer and future wife deepika with stunning costumes

You being my wife, can wear whatever you wish, you don’t have to change just because you are married. I know you will make the best decisions and you know what you are doing. I will not control you bluntly on meager issues. I will be understanding and I will never be a hindrance to your choices.


15. We Both Merit Time With Our Companions

Husband and wie fist bumping

You have friends, I have friends and we both do get to spend time outside the marriage too. You can go have fun with your set while I have with mine and we both should trust each and more than that honor it which I’m sure we both will!

This is an endeavor to knowing each other better, guaranteeing your adoration that you will be there regardless. Well, read on what all women want to say to their future husbands!

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