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Dear Future Wife, I Miss You! Before We Get Together, I Want You To Know These Things

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5. We Will Equally Split The Chores

Wife and husband split chores equall

Like washing dishes and doing the laundry so that none of us do all the work all the time. Equal Partners in the right sense. We both should work towards a progressive relationship and no one should give or get more than the other half. I will try to maintain balance by splitting the good and the bad, the fun and the boring equally!


6. We’ll Cook Together

Husband and wife cooking

Unless we both are too tired, in that case, we can order something. But we will make sure, there is ALWAYS good food to eat! Because ‘Good food’ = ‘Good mood’. We will also make sure that it isn’t just good food but healthy food as well so that I can live a few more years just to spend time with you.


7. I Will Always Be There To Support You

Wife and husband being supportive

If you do run into the slightest of problems, please feel free to talk to me without any reservations whatsoever. There should be nothing that you should not tell me. Tell me how was your day! How was your boss? Did he shout again? Can I punch him? No? Fine then, tell me about your lunch!


8. One Vacation A Year Is A Must!

Husband and wife on a vacation

We compulsorily take one vacation a year, however old we get, however busy our life gets. It’s COMPULSORY. I get explore new places – that too with the best possible co-traveler you! I will already be overwhelmed by the new place and sightings and with you added to the picture I’m sure the vacations will be worth a lifetime.

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