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Dear Future Wife, I Miss You! Before We Get Together, I Want You To Know These Things

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9. We Eat Out At Least Once A Week! Done Deal!

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Because the foodie in us just has to try the new place around the corner. We both love food and we get to eat tasty meals without cooking it! Let’s just try to stick to healthy restaurants because we don’t want to spoil our health. Let’s go out, have a hearty meal and a nice chat every once a while, come on now, we only live once!


10. We Conceive When Both Of Us Want To Conceive, Not When We Are Pressured To Do So

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It is a big decision, and we will take it together when we are completely ready. Even if my parents force us into it or if your parents push you into, we’ll settle down for a baby only when we are comfortable with the idea! It takes a lot of prep and it is indeed scary and confusing but I will always be there with you by your side changing diapers and making milkshakes!


11. You Can Come To Me And Ask Me To Help You With Anything

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You can ask me for help anytime and I will take the freedom to do the same and I know you are okay with it. Nothing is more satisfying than the fact that I have actually helped you with something and I have lessened some burden of yours. I will always be there and open to serving you and helping you get better any time you need.


12. Our Careers Will Always Be Equally Important

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No impractical expectations or no forced decisions. I will always support you in your endeavors. I promise. I understand your profession is equally important as mine and you have full freedom to make your own decisions and I will be there to support you to the fullest I can. You make your choices, just make sure none of them hurt either of us which I know you will.

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