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Dear Future Wife, I Miss You! Before We Get Together, I Want You To Know These Things

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I am certain in each marriage each couple achieves a point where they wish they had discussed a few things previously getting hitched. I know this sounds extremely starry-eyed, however, I truly wish individuals know these things when they get into a marriage. These are the promises guy should give to their future wife before marriage.

1. I Always Got Your Back

Barack and michel always got their back wife

Be it Family, health, sickness? I got you, girl. I am your better half and I will be with you always to support you and for you to lean on. Whenever you fall, I’ll be the first one to pick you up and dust you off. You take care of me and I will take care of you – It’s like the simple saying, “You scratch my back, I scratch yours!”


2. If You Don’t Want To Do It, We Can Always Cuddle

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A no is a no. Not a yes, nor a maybe. I don’t want to do anything without your consent. I can understand and respect your choices and I would never force you into anything which you are not comfortable with. Though I know you need me and you will never leave me, I will not take an advantage of your feelings and misuse it. I will always be the gentleman I presented myself as when I first met you and I will always respect your choices!


3. I Hate Shopping, But I Will Act As Your Chauffer To Your Shopping Sprees, Sometimes..

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You cant always get what you want, but I assure you to carry your bags around when your arm gets heavy and you cant go on. Though I’m not really into shopping, I will take some time off and spend time with you just because you like it! You can appreciate me carrying your bags while shopping.


4. We’ll Play A Lot Of Games, One Of Them Is “Lord Of The Remote”

husband and wife fight for remote

I don’t mind losing when it comes to you. I play certain games with you just because it’s cute when you think you won but it’s just me secretly losing on purpose to see your reaction! I like pulling your leg and annoying you but I will always be responsible when the need arises but a few silly games never hurt anyone!

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