Things That You Experience For The First Time When You’re In College

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College is one of the most memorable phases of everyone’s life. When we’re in school, we eagerly wait to go to college and experience the ‘chill’ life in college. We’re often deceived by how the film industry and media portraits it. Nevertheless, its always the best time of your life, with life-changing lessons you learn, insane experiences and golden memories. Make sure you cherish all of them. Here is a list of 15 things you’ll experience in college


1. 10 Minute Power Naps Aren’t A Thing

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In the hectic college schedule, one gets tempted to take a short power nap to get charged with all the energy. It’s a lie. A short nap is never short. Try taking a power nap before a class and you won’t get up till it ends.


2. Perfume Is Your Bestfriend

Perfume is your Best Friend

Let’s get real; with early morning classes and ice-cold water in the shower, its impossible to shower every day. No one will tell you, but they skip showers once in a while too. Don’t be guilty about it, just use some perfume and smell fresh again.


3. You’ll Miss Home More Than You Thought You Would

You will miss the experience at home

Before college begins, you would never imagine missing your messy room or dusty balcony back home; but you will. You’ll count days on the calendar to visit home again. When you do, you’ll embrace all the mess and be grateful for it.


4. Mom’s Food Is The Best

you will always experience missing video

As much as we criticise our mother’s cooking at home, you’ll miss it as much when in college. Suddenly, even a simple coffee made by your mother would taste like a magic potion to you. Mess food teaches you how to be appreciative of home-made food.

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