Things That You Experience For The First Time When You’re In College

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13. Coffee Become Your Reliable Accomplices


At all the times when you crave a midnight meal or you want some coffee to keep you awake for an exam next morning, your go-to solution would be the kettle. A nice brew becomes a part of your staple diet and you gain expertise in making coffee using the kettle.


14. Your Friends Become Family

Experience having a unique family

In college, you’ll eventually find a bunch of people who’d have your back whatsoever. Never let go of them. They’ll be the shoulder you’d cry on and the people you’d confide in. Strangers will turn into a family in no time.


15. Never Fall On Prey To Peer Pressure

College Life Experiences

There will always be people asking you to try things which you wouldn’t try otherwise. Learn to say ‘NO’ and stick by it. Do it only when you’re completely comfortable and trust your surroundings. It might turn out to become a terrible experience. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Your safety and choice are paramount.

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