Things That You Experience For The First Time When You’re In College

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9. Don’t Be Judgemental


This is a very crucial lesson that you learn in college. That rebellious guy you see parading the corridors might have some issues at home; that bubbly girl in the class could have had some past depression issues; your roommate whom you think is a miser might have poor financial conditions in the family. It might give them a bad experience. Be open to all kinds of people from different backgrounds and embrace them with open arms.


10. Washroom Practices Are Crucial

Have experiences in washroom practices

If you’re living in the hostel, you might have to go through the pain of using common washrooms. You’ll experience the pain of standing in queues to use the lavatory or bathe in the same cubicle as twenty others. You must have proper supplies to sustain the situation. Make sure you have plenty of toilet paper rolls, sanitisers, and other personal supplies.


11. You Won’t Use The Cute Clothes From Home

No experience in wearing cloths brought from home

College excitement makes you pack all the cute clothes from your closet. You dream of dressing up and going to lectures every morning. It’s all a lie. You’ll stick to your old sweatpants or jeans and a t-shirt that’ll keep you comfortable. College teaches you to prioritize comfort over looks.


12. Your Room is Not Just Your Room Anymore

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 You will have to share your small room with probably two other people. You might be that brat at home who wouldn’t let your sibling into the room, but here the room belongs to all three equally. This teaches you tolerance and adjusting.

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