Things That You Experience For The First Time When You’re In College

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5. All Nights Are Not A Fun Experience


Back in school, pulling an all-nighter is fun and eventful. In college, all-nighters are not fun when it becomes a norm to stay up all night typing out assignments and making projects. Sleep deprivation makes you hate all-nighters altogether.


6. Doing Your Laundry Is Very Important

Experience doing your laundry

When you come to college, you realize how easy life was back home where your clothes were washed, dried, folded and arranged in your cupboard without any hassle. You could just pick it up and wear it. It’s not the same case in college though. If you pile up your laundry, one fine day you’ll have nothing to wear; and days like these come very often. Never procrastinate when it comes to doing your laundry.


7. Keep A Note On Where You Spend Your Money


Spending your pocket money judiciously is very important. Keep a note on how much your bank balance is and where you’re spending your money. Being absolutely broke in the month-end is a common situation but miserable. Make sure you always have some emergency cash.


8. Definition Of Personal Hygiene

College Experiences

You can set regulations only for yourself. Something that’s unhygienic for you, might not be the same for another person; for example, washing the plate before eating food in it. You can’t change everyone’s habits; learn to accept it and move on. As long as your health is not compromised, you’re good to go.

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