Instead Of Grateful To Sushma Swaraj, This Guy Did Which You Will Never Believe



Today, world once again witnessed the humanity of External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj in reuniting the couple for their honeymoon where wife looses passport and husband goes solo.


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Being responsible, Sushma Swaraj helped his wife in getting duplicate passport.


If we are in that situation, and if we get such help, obviously we will be so grateful.

But wait…

Hold on..

There is something fishy behind this incident.

It is somehow the BJP’s fault that Faizan Patel’s wife lost passport. But Sushma Swaraj took it as a responsibility and ensured that she got duplicate passport.

But this guy Faizan Patel is a sick pervert who trolled BJP in past with his vulgar tweets.



Even after getting passport, this is what he commented again.



And this is not the first time he is going to honeymoon.

He went in December 2015 and posted several honeymoon photos.

Do you think he deserve this help?


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