Here’s How You Can Boost Your Wifi Signals With Tin Cans – Simple And Effective



To know a person truly well give them a Windows 95 with slowest possible internet connection. So goes a well known joke. So when you are stuck with one and not sure how to boost it up?


Read on!


Step 1: Pick an empty can of beer or cola. Don't forget to clean off the residue




Step 2: Cut the tab of the empty can




Step 3: Use a knife to cut the bottom end




Step 4: Again cut the top of the can leaving a bit attached as shown in the picture




Step 5: To open the can make a vertical cut on the opposite side




Step 6: Open the middle piece of the can and flatten as shown in the picture




Step 7: Slid the hole of the can over your antenna and put a little tape to hold it




Step 8: Ta da you are done. 

Wanna know how? The signal from the router is reflected and extended by the aluminium from the tin. 


Go ahead and spread the word.


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