8 Things You Better Do Right Now To Avoid Regrets Later On, Life Live Happily




'Make hay while the sun shines' they say. But there is another group that lives and rules the world by the motive 'You Live Only Once (YOLO)'. Confused what to do?

We are here to help you out. Following are the things that you should not postpone to start right now, lest you will regret for sure.


1. A penny saved is penny earned

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2. Insurance to save you and your family on a rainy day.



3. Remember to live.



4. Smile your stress away.



5. Work On Your Passion Than That Job Will Always Excite You



6. Eat right. Exercise. REPEAT.



7. Say I love you more often you do.



8. F.R.I.E.N.D.S 'nuff said.



If all fails, don't worry make a call to your mom, she will sort it out


Life is one, it is short. We never know when journey of life ends. So live happily, spread happiness. Enjoy life to the fullest because you will not get another today to make it better today. Live and let others live smiley Any more points you think to be added, please comment those points below. 

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