These Fairy Tale Places Are Must Visit; They Are Just Amazing!


13. Bibury, England

Bibury, England

The village of Bibury is famous among people seeking inspiration due to its incredible beauty. It was founded almost 1,000 years ago, and you definitely feel that you are back in the 11th century because of its old architecture, gorgeous nature, and the lack of any kind of vehicle. The movie Bridget Jones’s Diary was filmed here, and the movies about Miss Marple, who is loved by people around the globe, were also born here.


14. Reine Lofoten, Norway

Reine Lofoten, Norway

Reine is a fishing village with surrealistic landscapes, cozy houses, and only about 350 residents. Reine is a compact village located below the mountains around the fjord that was founded in 1743. This idyllic village, as if brought to life from a postcard, annually attracts thousands of tourists traveling from all over the world to admire the natural beauty.


15. The Faroe Islands, The Village of Gásadalur, Denmark

The Faroe Islands, the Village of Gásadalur, Denmark

The Village of Gásadalur is located in an incredibly beautiful valley between the highest cliffs of the island of Vagar that is a part of the Faroe archipelago. The population of the village in 2002 was only 16 people. At that time, getting into this village required a lot of work and a very, very long time. In 2004, a special tunnel was built to simplify the movement of people from the village and since then, tourists have started to appear here.


16. San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy

San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy

San Gimignano was established in the 3rd century BC by the Etruscan people. Initially, it used to be a very tiny village, but it became a town in the 10th century AD. The exceptional feature of this city is its tower-houses. Unfortunately, nowadays there are only 14 such houses left. In the beginning, there were 72 of them. San Gimignano is saturated with the spirit of the Middle Ages, which makes it the heart of all Italy and Tuscany in particular.


17. Fishing Village, Kaliningrad, Russia

Fishing village, Kaliningrad, Russia Fairy Tale Places

The fishing village in Kaliningrad is not a village in the truest sense of the word as much as it’s a block made up of buildings in the German style and stylized as the architecture of the pre-war Königsberg. It is an ethnographic, trade, and craft center and the pearl of the city. Territorially, the Fishing Village is located next to the historical heart of Kaliningrad — the Cathedral on the island of Kant.

Aren’t these fairy tale places the real-life fairy tale on earth? These paradises are just amazing! Get yourself the most luxurious time by spending days close to nature and living your dream! Pack your bags now.  Love traveling? Know more about, 6 Travel Destinations Exclusively For Romantic Couple In This World!

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