These Fairy Tale Places Are Must Visit; They Are Just Amazing!


5. Floating Islands of Lake Titicaca, Bolivia, Perú


On the border of Perú and Bolivia on the Titicaca lake lives a tribe called Uru that resides on 42 floating islands located on the lake. These islands are built from the cane by the Urus themselves. The same material is used to make boats that are used for fishing. Despite being remote from civilization, one can see solar panels on these cane islands that let local people watch TV.


6. Alberobello, Italy

 Alberobello, Italy

Alberobello is famous for its complex consisting of 1400 trullo buildings recognized by UNESCO as part of the historical and humanitarian heritage. Trullos are residential farmhouses made of limestone and are a unique example of buildings with walls of dry masonry. The name itself comes from the Latin word trulla that means dome.


7. Monsanto, Portugal

Monsanto, Portugal

A small settlement with the name Monsanto is called “the most Portuguese village of Portugal.” The local proverb, “In Monsanto, you never know whether a stone is born from a house or a house from a stone,” reflects the uniqueness of local architecture very accurately. Boulders serve as walls and roofs of some houses. Small houses with red tile roofs hide under huge granite boulders, and narrow streets seem to have been carved from stone by a giant.


8. Uchisar, Turkey

Uchisar, Turkey

There are many villages in this area, but Uchisar remains one of the most inhabited. The biggest part of the city’s population lives in a village that looks pretty modern and is situated next to this famous wonder of nature. However, some people still prefer to live inside those famous rocks. This unique village amazes both with its look and the view that opens up when standing on the cliff, while white tufa towers and steeples surrounding the central peak make it another wonder of the world.