These Fairy Tale Places Are Must Visit; They Are Just Amazing!


These places will take through the most amazing experiences of your life! Bringing close to nature amidst the hills and gardens, these places are no less than fairy tales. Rejuvenate yourself and live your dream at these breathtaking destinations and fairy tale places! Which one is your favorite? Have a look!


1. Hallstatt, Austria

 Hallstatt, Austria

Here, on the slope of a mountain, you’ll find beautiful houses surrounded by an azure lake that’s home to dazzling swans that float on the reflection of the Alps. The population of Hallstatt doesn’t exceed 1,000 people and its location is unique as it’s located on a narrow strip of land between the gorgeous Alp mountains and Hallstätter See Lake.


2. Simiane-La-Rotonde Village in Provence, France


Everything you need to relax is here: blue skies, lavender fields, alpine mountains, Mediterranean dishes, summer festivals of ancient music, and the unforgettable charm of Provence. One of the main attractions of this place is Château des Agoult, a castle built in the 12th century. The town is named after a 2-angle pyramidal rotunda in the castle.


3. Rainbow Village, Taichung, Taiwan


On the outskirts of the city of Taichung, there was a military settlement that eventually was left by almost all of its inhabitants.The authorities decided to demolish the houses, but an 86-year-old war veteran painted the walls of the houses with different characters and patterns in order to save his house. Today, it’s one of the most visited tourist destinations in Taiwan.


4. Marsaxlokk, Malta


Marsaxlokk is a colorful fishermen village on the island of Malta. There are no storms in this harbor and that’s why the houses made of yellow sandstone stand so close to the water, having left only two lanes — one for the car traffic and one for pedestrians. The population of Marsaxlokk is only about 3,000 people. Most here are fishermen just like their fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers.