These Fairy Tale Places Are Must Visit; They Are Just Amazing!


9. Longji Rice Terraces, China

Longji Rice Terraces, China

Chinese people consider the Longji Rice Terraces to be among the most beautiful in their country. Local people call them “The Terraces of the Dragon’s Backbone.” The terraces are located in the colorful village of Ping An, and many years of work stand behind them. They’ve existed since the 12th century and were built on the slopes of mountains that are 1,100 m high. The construction took a lot of time and effort, but the peasants living at that time didn’t have a choice because they had to feed their families, and building houses on the mountains were the only opportunity to survive.


10. Pariangan, Indonesia

Pariangan, Indonesia

The active volcano, Merapi, towers above this village in Western Sumatra and is one of the greatest natural treasures of the country. Pariangan is thought to be the oldest village of the Minangkabau people. That’s why an inquisitive tourist will be able to learn a lot about the culture and customs of the indigenous population. One can find charming traditional houses, amongst which there is a 300-year-old building with wicker rattan walls, as well as a beautiful mosque of the 19th century.


11. Fishing Village Cua Van, Vietnam

Fishing Village Cua Van, Vietnam

A scenic fishing village called Cua Van is located in Ha Long Bay. This floating fishing village is one of the largest in the world. It is only possible to get there by boat. Since only fishermen live in this village, there is always a high chance of seeing them receive all kinds of mercies of the South China Sea’s generosity. All of the people here live in beautiful houses on rafts, among which one can even see a school.


12. Giethoorn, the Dutch Venice, the Netherlands

Giethoorn, the Dutch Venice, the Netherlands

One of the most amazing and colorful villages in the Netherlands is called Giethoorn or “The Dutch Venice.” The second name comes from its location — the village stands on water channels, the total length of which exceeds 4.2 miles. The village is almost 100 years old. Local people mostly use rowboats and boats with electric engines for moving around on the water and bicycles when they want to use the wooden bridges that connect the houses scattered on more than 50 little islands.