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PDF to Powerpoint

Everyone knows that PDF is a vital format for storing and sharing text, graphs, and images based data nowadays. In this age of information and technology, we know that PDF is equally important for students, teachers, scholars, office workers, and even writers. Students and researchers use PDF for thesis, notes, and researches, etc., PDF of expensive books or even New York best sellers are available so those who cannot afford these books can read them. Similarly, PowerPoint is also one of the essential and popular software that is mostly used by teachers for their lectures, by students for their presentations, by scholars and writers in their seminars, etc.

Now we know that both PDF and PowerPoint are widely used and important software, so sometimes there is a need to convert one format file into another. For instance, you are a student, and you have a thesis in PDF, tomorrow is the day you are going to present your thesis before the panel, you don’t have time to prepare PowerPoint file from scratch, Do not panic we have a solution for you. This ‘PDF to PowerPoint’ tool lets you convert PDFs to editable PowerPoint (PPT) Presentations. You do not have to purchase expensive software or use the time taken limited versions of the software. We bring you this ‘PDF to PowerPoint tool,’ which helps you convert PDF files into PowerPoint presentations within a blink of an eye.

PDF to Powerpoint

This website onlypdf.net not only split pdf but also lets you convert PDF files to PowerPoint presentation format; it is the easiest tool to make your PDF file editable PowerPoint Presentations. Mostly, there are two main issues to users while using any device or software; the software is a free or not and complicated process of conversion. ‘Convert PDF to PowerPoint’ is free of cost and easy to use too. Within a few steps, your file can be converted from PDF format to PowerPoint presentation format. The download option is also available, which allows you to get your required document saved on your hard disk so that you can edit it offline as well. ‘Convert PDF to PowerPoint’ is very efficient and easy to use and readily available tools from every corner of the world. Also, This website allows you to use pdf tools in many other languages like  Español, Français, Italiano, and 日本語.

User-friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) makes conversion easy for its users. Moreover, there is no need to download and install anything on your device, all you need is to upload or select as many files you want and with one click, and the process is started. Also, no ‘log in’ is required, which saves your time, as we understand your need. To sum up, ‘Convert PDF to PowerPoint‘ is an easy to use, free of cost, user-friendly tool to make as many PDF files as you want editable that is PowerPoint presentation format.


How To Use ‘Convert PDF to PowerPoint’

PDF to Powerpoint

As mentioned above, this tool is very easy to use here is how it works. When you get into the device, there are three options from where you can choose your file, either you can select a file from Dropbox, Google Drive, or from the hard drive of your device. After these two to three simple and easy steps, your file is ready for conversion, just click the ‘convert PDF to PowerPoint’ button and wait for a while. Time taken by the process depends upon the internet speed and size of the file you are converting.

After that comes the download option, you can download your converted file to your device without any prerequisites and ‘purchase premium version’ type of irritating steps.



PDF and PowerPoint are two widely used formats by the people of almost every field. Sometimes you need a conversion of one format of the file to the other format. This tool provides you simple steps to convert your PDF into PowerPoint presentation; it is brotherly recommended this free of cost and easy to use the tool, so you do not have to purchase expensive software for such a simple task.

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