Several Ways Cyber Criminals Steal Your Money From Debit/Credit Card


6. Money Transaction Over Public Wi-Fi Is Dangerous


There is hardly anyone today without using smartphone. So, if you carry out transactions on your smartphone using a public Wi-Fi, then it is easy to get into hackers trap.


7. False Fronts On ATM


Criminals install entire false fronts on the actual ATM machine which are hard to recognize. If the front is looking larger than the usual one, then beware.


8. Steal Net Banking Information Using Keystroke Logging


Hackers make you unintentionally download a software which allows the fraudster to trace your keystrokes and steal passwords or credit card and net banking details.


9. Phishing – A Mail From A Legitimate Source


You will get a spam mail that appears to be from just the legitimate source, say Income-Tax department or your bank. It will have a link that takes you to a website that will collect your personal bank credentials. So, do not respond and open such attachments.


10. Malware


This one is highly notorious. It is malicious software that can damage your computer systems at ATMs or bank servers and so criminals access your confidential card data.

Pavani Bharathula
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