20 Countries In The World Where Prostitution Is Legal

Prostitution Legal Countriesvia

11. Denmark

Prostitution in Denmark was decriminalized in 1999, but certain related activities remain legal. Buying and selling sexual services is legal. Activities such as operating brothels and pimping are illegal, as prostitution by non-residents.


12. Ecuador

Sex work in Ecuador is legal but there is no law that recognizes prostitution as work. Brothels are legal in Ecuador.


13. France

Prostitution Legal Countries

In France, sex work is legal. However, soliciting in public is prohibited since 1946 along with owning a pimp and brothels.


14. Ethiopia

Prostitution was legal for a person aged above 18 years. It was commonly practiced around the country. The law of Ethiopia prevents pimping and benefiting from prostitution to others.


15. Finland

Prostitution is legal in Finland, and the purchase of sexual services is also legal. Clients are punished for 6 months or with a fine if they accept sexual services from victims of human trafficking.

Praneet Samaiya
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